welcome from the dean

prof. christine bennett ao

our comprehensive, amc accredited medical program is a demanding, full-time course and will require your complete commitment. however you will have support, not only from our dedicated teachers, but also from your student peers across the school. it is our aim to create an environment in which your passion, energy and talent are directed to becoming an outstanding doctor and healthcare leader.

the curriculum is integrated so that you learn in a context that is clinically relevant and puts patient care at the centre of all we do. the first two years are the foundation years, during which small group learning, led by medically qualified tutors, combines with basic and clinical sciences and clinical skills teaching.

more than ever, doctors need to be part of an effective team of health professionals, working with nurses and other allied health professionals to provide the best possible healthcare. experience in differing clinical settings including hospitals, general practice and community health centres provides important perspective and understanding of the patient care continuum. years three and four are the clinical years during which students are offered clinical attachments across seven clinical schools in sydney (st vincent’s hospital, auburn and hawkesbury), melbourne (werribee) and rural clinical schools at lithgow, wagga wagga and ballarat.

we also believe it is critical that all students graduate with a good foundation in health and medical research with a desire to contribute to medical knowledge, critically appraise new evidence and a passion for life-long learning.

the study of medicine is an inspiring journey and a great privilege. we welcome your interest in joining us at the school of medicine, sydney in preparing you for a rewarding and noble profession.

- prof. christine bennett ao