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  • our mission

    the mission of the school of medicine, sydney is to develop and train excellent, caring and ethical doctors. we seek to provide excellence in medical education, research and scholarship delivered in the context of catholic faith and values, with respect for human life, dignity and social justice.

    specifically the goals of the medical program are excellence in training:

    • in communication and clinical skills to produce highly technically skilled graduates;
    • in anatomy and the biomedical and clinical sciences to produce graduates with excellent basic and clinical science knowledge.
    • in ethics, philosophy and the medical humanities to produce graduates who appreciate the social and ethical obligations of doctors to the wider community.
    • in aboriginal and torres strait islander and rural health with the aim of improving aboriginal and torres strait islander and rural healthcare outcomes for australia.
    • in research with the aim of producing evidence-based practitioners who will aspire to advance medical knowledge.

    we also focus on developing professionalism, and attach value to a range of broader graduate attributes, including critical and reflective thinking, lifelong learning, ethical responsibility, philosophical and religious approaches to life, team work and interdisciplinarity, internationalism and commitment to active citizenship.

  • our vision

    our medical graduates will:

    • respect their patients’ rights and responsibilities for their health and healthcare decisions;
    • have a fundamental understanding of health and wellbeing as well as pathology and disease;
    • work collaboratively as part of a multidisciplinary health professional team;
    • have a strong sense of vocation, recognising the privilege of medical training and seek to apply their skills in ways that help those in greatest need, and to support their profession; and
    • value research with a desire to contribute to medical knowledge, critically appraise new evidence and have a passion for life-long learning.
  • non-award courses

    advanced clinical anatomy course - sydney

    this course is open to health professionals who wish to further develop their knowledge in clinical anatomy, particularly those about to undergo specialist training in surgery or radiology. the course is taught by medically trained and experienced clinical anatomists and surgeons.

    date: 10th july to 27th september 2018

    course fee: $3300.00 (incl gst) to be paid by 1st june 2018. early registration and payment are strongly recommended in order to secure a position.

    participant requirements: this course is available to registered medical practitioners and other qualified, registered health professionals such as nurses, physiotherapists and radiographers. applicants must be australian residents with medical registration to practice approved by aphra.

    course overview:

    this non-award course has been re-accredited by the royal australasian college of surgeons and will be delivered through lectures, demonstrations with prosected cadavers and with different modalities of radiological images.

    interactive lectures on:

    • topographical anatomy and radiological anatomy delivered on tuesdays between 6:30-8:30 pm by clinical anatomists once every week for two hours at the university of notre dame australia school of medicine, sydney campus at 160 oxford st, darlinghurst
    • online formative assessment utilising multiple choice and short answer questions on alternate weeks.

    in addition, demonstration of anatomical structures on prosected cadavers will be held at the anatomy laboratory of the university of technology sydney at school of medical and molecular biosciences, building 4, level 4, ultimo.

    these sessions will be held on three thursdays (6:30pm - 8.30pm).

    visit the advanced clinical anatomy course for more information.


    a certificate of completion for the course will be given on successful completion of:

    • multiple choice question (mcq) exam in the final week
    • practical exam in the final week.

    attendance at all sessions will ensure best results.

  • student services and organisations

    medical association of notre dame university sydney (mandus)

    "the medical association of notre dame university sydney (mandus) would like to welcome you and congratulate you for being hand-picked to join the notre dame family. mandus is the representative student body for the school of medicine, sydney and are here to help you through your time at the school studying medicine." – welcome from president of mandus

    the medical association of notre dame university sydney (mandus), is the representative student body for the school of medicine, sydney. mandus aims to advocate on behalf of the student body and make life at medical school easier and more enjoyable for students. mandus provides a holistic array of events throughout the year. one of its fundamental roles is to provide a central point of contact between students, staff, main campus and relevant external bodies such as the nsw medical schools council and the australian medical association.

    the objective of mandus is to focus on providing medical students with a variety of opportunities regarding academia, surgery, amsa, global health and social justice, careers upon graduation, charities, and mentoring. this includes events, such as academic lecture series, surgical evenings, junior medical officer panel discussions, global health and social justice lectures/ projects, birthing kit assembly days, cook for a cure competitions, the annual med ball, graduation ball, med camp, and med cruise, as well publications and sporting events, such as the city-2-surf, netball, soccer and touch football teams.

    for more information regarding mandus, please visit:

    australian medical students association

    each year it is anticipated that the school of medicine, sydney, students' association will elect a representative to sit on the amsa council. this representative would be the link between australia’s medical students and notre dame, sydney medical students.

    to view the list of current amsa representatives visit: australian medical students association

    notre dame clubs, groups and associations

    the sydney campus has established a number of clubs and societies. the campus life office coordinates clubs and societies, orientation and social activities and will be located at both broadway and darlinghurst campuses.

    for more information regarding forming a new club please visit: opening up a new club or society

  • year calendars