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welcome to the riverina regional training hub. we are here to help you plan your rural medical training. on this webpage is lots of information about how we can help you do this and easy ways to contact us too.

the regional training hub program is a commonwealth funded program developed to expand pathways for rural training, rural study and rural medical careers the university of notre dame australia established the riverina regional training hub at the wagga wagga rural clinical school in july 2017.

  • like to know more about the commonwealth’s objectives for this national program?

    the objectives for regional training hubs are to:

    • improve coordination of medical training to enable students and junior doctors who want to practise rurally to complete as much of their medical training as possible within regional and rural areas;
    • identify medical students with an interest in practising rurally and support them in accessing networked rural training opportunities at an early stage in their careers. the riverina regional training hub is especially interested in supporting bonded scholars.
    • develop regional training capacity by:
      • supporting current clinical training supervisors
      • supporting local medical practitioners to become clinical supervisors
      • assisting health services to obtain accreditation for new training positions
    • strengthen existing, and develop new, connections with key stakeholders to improve the continuity of training for medical students/trainees within the hub region
    • identify regional medical workforce needs and use this information to prioritise the hub’s activity.

our location

we boast location location location! many of our cities, towns and village are on the banks of the beautiful murrumbidgee river, built around lakes or nestled in valleys at the foot of the snowy mountains. there are vineyards and snowfields, a spectrum of sports and cultural activities in which to become involved or to watch. only one hours flight to sydney and melbourne and 2.5 hours drive to canberra.

about the hub

the team at the riverina regional training hub are here to help smooth the often complex path for medical students and junior doctors that leads to fellowship. we work with you to develop and customise your rural medical training pathway.

based at the university of notre dame australia rural clinical school wagga wagga, we have close links with the local health and regional communities. this helps us help you with your rural pathway.

we work closely with our key stakeholders to provide for you maximum accredited training time in a rural setting.

working across both the public and private health sectors, we collaborate across the two large rural centres wagga wagga and griffith, across the continuum of medical training and with murrumbidgee medical training hub (unsw rural clinical school wagga wagga).

latest news

destination medicine - a podcast library of conversations providing information in a creative way to assist individuals in making informed decisions about their career path.

  • 1. general practice anaesthetist

    you are medical student or a junior doctor who wants a rural career as a gp anaesthetist. you know that you want to train and work rurally. you also have an interest in mental health. you hope you will be offered an intern placement in a rural teaching hospital as you are passionate about working and living rurally.

    your initial decisions include:

    • when to apply for australian general practice training (agpt)
    • where you need to be based to train and use your procedural skills
    • which training pathway to general practice to follow:
      • australian college of rural and remote medicine (acrrm)
      • accrm independent pathway
      • royal australian college of general practitioners
      • remote vocational training scheme (rvts) - accrm and racgp.

    (most junior doctors choose agpt and make a decision about which gp college suits them, racgp or acrrm.)

    • when to enrol in the nsw rural generalist rural training program for proceduralist training.
    • when to enrol with the college for your procedural training

contact us

phone: 02 8204 4607
email: rrthenquiries@nd.edu.au